Sports Betting over the past few years has developed onto a new level, no more in the case of Golf Betting. You be lucky if you come up with at 100/1+ Winner in Horse Racing but this not unusual in Golf. I am not saying I will help you select a big price winner every week with my form guide, but you will certainly see a healthy return over the season. The following golf guide is the simplest golf form guide you will ever come across no fancy handicap stats you can't make sense off, just as it says golf form for US PGA Tour tournaments for every player who took part in these tournament from 1995 to 2015 & European/Australian/South African tournaments from 1996 to 2015.

The information included on my database available through this website starts on a Monday afternoon with the declared Golfers for this weeks tournaments in Europe & United States of America + Australian Tournaments and several South African Tournament thrown in as well.

What are BIORHYTHMS well here is a brief description - Biorhythms are the three natural cycles within our bodies which affect us Physically, Emotionally and most importantly as far as golf is concerned is Intelectually. The Physical cycle is not a major concern if bad unless you want to dare risk betting on someone like Dudley Hart or Fred Couples who have constant problems with their back and a Physical Centre or below may just see an early withdrawal from them. A high Emotional cycle plays a major part in good putting with the opposite if centre or low, and of course the Intelectual - Mental cycle being of major importants as most golfers, professional, amateur and you, will know that golf is a mental game with so many professional golfers having their own mental guru's to help them get over this.

So there you have it, you make the choice. The information will come in a database created in Filemaker with the already mentioned:-

I give a Form Guide up to 20 years for all the players playing in that weeks tournament.

A current Ratings service for all players with their previous 4 tournaments taken into consideration.

BIORHYTHMS for all the players taking part.

Player Profiles + important stats on Driving, GIR and Putting.

Prefixs indicating a players potential or downfall.

All the latest results for the players taking part from the past season and to-date.

So what will this information cost, well it is FREE for both US PGA Tour & the European Tour Events with any golf tournament in the rest of the world like Australia, Asia, or South Africa thrown in as well (dual sanctioned events).

Simply click on the tournament PDF to download the European or PGA Tournament of your choice.

As I have said this is FREE but at some stage I would like to sell the information from my golf database for only £3 per week for both tournaments to raise money for gardening equipment for some local schools that I do voluntary work for.